Rainforest with the sun coming through the trees

For three years, our engineers made it their mission to reduce the carbon footprint of our world-famous PopGrip. We tested recycled, ocean-bound, plant-based and compostable alternatives to traditional plastics. 

After research revealed that a compostable product would break down to produce methane gases and emissions--a result worse than the original PopGrip, it was determined that plant-based materials most effectively lowered product lifecycle emissions while preserving durability and functionality. 

This first iteration of PopGrip Plant is 35% plant-based--the top is 56% corn starch from Europe, the accordion is 52% canola oil from Europe, and the connector hub is 70% castor beans from India. Materials are sustainably sourced and do not draw from food supply.

Explanation of the elements of the PopGrip plant