Twist, Pop, Wipe, Repeat.

The average person touches their phone 2000 times every day, so we all need to be super careful in how we manage and clean our phones during this era of COVID-19.

As we now know, the virus can live for days on surfaces so it’s important to regularly clean your phone case and PopSocket. The best way to do this is to remove both your case and the PopTop, clean off any surface dirt and then disinfect with either soapy water or disinfectant wipes.

Your PopSocket can also be a useful tool in managing the exposure of your phone to the virus, so try these tips for deploying your PopSocket to minimise risk.

It’s always better not to put your phone down on surfaces, but if you need to place your phone down on a surface, rather than placing the phone face down, use the PopSocket as a stand to minimise your phone’s contact. You can also expand the PopGrip and lay it down on top which limits the contact to just the PopTop.

PopMounts are also a great hands-free way of using your phone. The PopSocket Multi-Surface Mount attaches to any vertical surface and ensures your phone is viewable from all angles in both portrait and landscape mode. The Car Dash and Desktop Mount is perfect for the home office and uses a unique hinge which allows for a wide range of motion and multiple positions.

Careful management of your phone and regular cleaning of your phone cases and PopSocket is the new normal, so let’s embrace it!