The Evolution of the PopSocket Phone Accessory

Before PopSockets, There Were Buttons


In 2010 the founder of PopSockets was a university professor called David Barnett looking for a way to stop his phone earbud cord from getting tangled. He achieved this by gluing two buttons to the back of his phone and wrapping the earbud cord around the buttons. As ugly as the buttons were, they worked. In the course of improving on the idea, he developed about 60 different prototypes, making the buttons expand and collapse via an accordion mechanism, so that they could function as both a stand and a grip.


In 2012, Barnett launched a KickStarter campaign for an iPhone case that would have two PopSockets grips integrated into the case. In addition to getting successfully funded, the KickStarter campaign enabled Barnett to show the world his dancing prowess. Here is his Kickstaer video:


Two years later, in 2014, Barnett launched the business out of his garage in Boulder, Colorado, and has subsequently sold over 100 million PopSockets grips around the world. PopSockets are without doubt the world most innovative phone accessory range - consistently evolving to meet the changing needs of mobile phone users.


First there was the PopGrip


The PopGrip that eventually launched to market is a single grip that allows users to easily change out the swappable PopTop. You simply push the top down, twist, and release the top portion of the grip, and replace with another design. The twist-off PopGrip also facilitates easy wireless charging for users whose cases are too thick to charge through with the PopGrip.


The brand wanted consumers to have a way to easily swap the design of their PopSockets phone grip as often as they want, without having to replace the whole accessory. Before, one would have to peel the entire adhesive off the phone and replace it with a new grip to change styles. The swappable PopGrip and PopTop make it simple to switch styles from simple designs to sports, fashion, and movies, you can swap any time of day to easily express yourself with style. 


Next Step - the PopSockets Mounts


The PopSockets Car Vent Phone Mount was the next step in the evolution of the PopSockets range and continues to be a best selling car phone mount. This car phone holder clips into horizontal, vertical, and can accommodate all PopGrips except the PopGrip AirPods Holder.  It cleverly has both larger and smaller slots to fit most air-vent sizes and there’s even a troubleshooting feature for those extra small vents - just rotate the prongs 90 degrees to make the gap even narrower.


One big advantage of this car vent phone mount is that your phone will be in easy reach without the need to extend yourself. This is important for safe driving and easy to access to your phone while stationary/


Then came the PopMount Dash and Windshield car mount which has been recently updated and now available in both black and white. The design features at clever ring which lets you mount your phone and view the screen from multiple angles in both portrait and landscape modes.  It’s super easy to switch from vertical to horizontal viewing mode and it’s easy to install. Also don’t worry if your car dash has a textured surface as the PopMount car phone holder also includes an adapter for extra textured surfaces.


The World’s Most Loved Phone Wallet  - The PopWallet


The clever PopSockets design team created a truly original solution to simplify and streamline your phone and your wallet. The PopWallet securely sticks directly onto the back of your phone case and holds up to three credit cards or up to six business cards - barely adding any extra thickness to your phone. All you need to do is push your thumb on the fabric at the bottom of the wallet and your cards pop up ready to go.


You can buy a PopWallet phone wallet with or without a PopGrip. The PopWallet is perfect if you want the lowest profile phone wallet that only adds millimetres of thickness to your phone. The PopWallet+ is a PopWallet plus an integrated PopGrip. Of course the PopGrips are swappable so you can mix and match combinations to suit your mood. While the PopWallet is very securely attached to your phone case, it’s also very easy to slide your PopWallet off your phone and change to a new design.


The PopGrip Slide

The PopGrip Slide provides the perfect solution for silicone case iPhone users who would like to add the functionality of a PopGrip, with the ability to easily slide off. PopGrip Slide allows you to easily position the grip wherever you like on your iPhone silicone case for a comfortable grip, or optimal hands free propping. It is compatible with PopSockets swappable PopGrips so you can twist off the top and add a new design to match your mood or outfit. The PopGrip Slide is available for iPhone 7 and up.



OtterBox and PopSockets partnered to create a case designed specifically with PopGrips in mind. The Otter+Pop case is part of Otterbox’s Symmetry Series which is its sleeker range of cases for the iPhone. On the back of the Otter+Pop phone case there is a built-in PopGrip which has been designed to lay flush with the case. So if you’re someone who wants a completely streamlined phone case, but still want all the benefits and fun of a PopSocket - then this is the case for you.

For the Glamazons - The PopMirror


PopSockets evolved to new heights with the release of the PopMirror. This product moved the business from a grip and phone case brand to a true lifestyle accessory. The PopGrip Mirror allows for on the go makeup application or quick glance while also providing all the functionality of the original PopGrip. Touch ups on the go are easy with two mirrors- a 2X magnifying glass mirror (bottom mirror) 1X regular glass mirror (top under graphic). The top cover can be propped at an angle or spun around to lay flat.


PopMirrors are a fashion forward option for fashionistas who love elevated glamour. The PopGrip Mirror Premium comes in two sophisticated finishes: Premium aluminum, and Iridescent Pebbled. These elevated looks are the perfect compliment to any outfit, and are the essential combination of fashion and function. Need to apply lip gloss before your selfie with friends? PopGrip Mirror Premium does it all, and adds a dash of functional fashion to your phone.


For the Fidgety - The PopSpin


Perfect for the person who always has to keep their hands busy, the spinnable top button creates a cool, moving, optical illusion. With a smooth internal ball bearing design, Backspin can glide for moments on end and the designs change as it spins. Swappable and spinnable you don’t need to commit to just one look- simply turn the top 90 degrees for a new look.


Backspin is the first PopGrip that uses motion to create a cool and unique look for the back of your phone. Backspin comes exclusive, standout styles that range from optical illusion designs to a record that spins.


PopThirst - Your New Stubby Holder


Just in time for Summer is the PopThirst - a unique take on the good old Aussie stubby holder which incorporates a PopGrip. The holder  itself is made from non-slip foam which when combined with a PopGrip will keep your can from slipping out of your hand. This is very important if you plan to play backyard cricket while holding your stubby.


Of course the PopThirst will keep your drink cold, but it also lets you know whose drink is whose - which will be important in the coming Covid Normal Summer. It’s also fully collapsible so will fit in your pocket for ultimate portability and convenience. Plus, the PopGrip on the PopThirst is swappable, like all other PopGrips.


Shhh… - The PopStash


The PopGrip Stash delivers secret storage via a discrete compartment to hide your tiniest of goods. The swivel lid makes it easy to store and dispensing small items like gum, mints and trinkets. When not in use, it collapses flat. The PopGrip Stash is a part of the PopSockets swappable ecosystem — just close the grip flat, press down, and twist 90 degrees to swap out the top. The PopStash still works like a regular PopGrip to hold and stand your phone with ease.


Put Another One on the BBQ - The PopGrip Opener


The Ultimate BBQ Companion - the PopGrip Opener is the ultimate gadget for Summer. It’s a bottle opener with an easy twist-and-pop mechanism to remove the opener and get that coldie ready. The PopGrip Opener functions as a phone grip too so it has the function of a regular PopSocket and all the benefits such as allowing you to text with one hand, take better selfies and securely hold your phone. But with a quick twist and pop, the PopGrip Opener comes to the rescue to open your next beer or pre-mix.


From Evolution to Revolution - The PopMount2 Flex


The latest from the PopSockets design team is the revolutionary PopMount2 Flex. It can bend, it can twist, it can wrap so you can hold, mount or stand your device virtually anywhere. Made for content creators, the Flex is the most versatile portable phone mount on the market. It’s bendable silicone construction works with all PopGrips and you can use it as a standard desk mount or get creative and wrap it around a railing or street sign for the ultimate video on the go. It’s available in three colours so you can go for the classic black or make a colourful statement.


Create your Own - The PopSockets Customiser


So many Australians are discovering the “Create Your Own” section of our PopSockets website. It’s here you can upload images, patterns or original artwork to create your very own unique PopGrips and PopWallets. It’s easy to upload and test out your images and select the best combination of images and grip colours. Once you’ve found the perfect design, it’s over to our team who will produce your special creation.


Perfect for gifts, you can use the customiser to design something featuring a loved one, a pet, a special scene or pattern. Maybe celebrate an engagement, wedding, new baby or just your precious pooch. It’s up to you!


Giving Back to the Community - Poptivisim


PopSockets is a business with plenty of heart and the brand’s major charitable giving platform is called Poptivism. So far, Poptivism has donated over $3 million dollars in cash and product to 300 nonprofit partners. Whenever you purchase a Poptivism grip, each of which is associated with a non-profit, PopSockets donates 50% of the sale to that non-profit. Poptivism is harnessing the power of commerce to make a positive impact globally. 

The first Australian Poptivism campaign was launched this year to assist those affected by the Australian bushfires with the adorable “Koala Joey” grip. The second supported Breast Cancer Awareness month with 50% of sales raised from this Poptivism campaign going to the McGrath Foundation.