PopSockets With Heart - Poptivism

PopSockets is a business with plenty of heart, our brand’s major charitable giving platform is called Poptivism. So far, Poptivism has donated over $3 million dollars in cash and product to 300 nonprofit partners.


The first Australian Poptivism campaign was launched this year to assist those affected by the Australian bushfires. The adorable “Koala Joey” grip is now available via our store here.


“In a nutshell, Poptivism is a platform for customized impact,” said PopSockets Founder David Barnett. “I'm thrilled about its potential to make a difference in the world,” he said. Non-profits have shared results such as:

    • With the money donated thus far, we funded a water project for an entire community providing an estimated 328 people with access to clean water for the first time!
    • With $1,035 from Poptivism, we purchased 26 food vouchers for vulnerable refugee families.
    • Restored over 100 trafficked teens and child prostitutes in Uganda.
    • We’ve used Poptivism donations to plant 25,000 trees.


    To support the first Australian Poptivism campaign, you can purchase a Koala Joey Popsockets and funds will be donated to the Community Enterprise Foundation to support the most critical needs of communities affected by the bushfires across Australia.