Happy at Home

Our PopSockets community has shared many stories with us about how PopSockets are making life a little more fun at home. Here are some of our favourite things to do around the home during quarantine with your PopSockets.

Mount up!
It seems that we want our phone to be at-the-ready even more during the quarantine. We want to read recipes in the kitchen, listen to music in the shower and get news updates in the living room. All this means more mounts are appearing
around the house.

Lounge Lizard
When you’re snuggled up on the couch and just can't be bothered going to fetch your computer or turn on the television - your trusty PopSocket is there to make it easy for you. Just prop your phone up on your lap or the arm of the couch and you’re set for Netflix.

Beauty Tip
With no more visits to the nail salon, we’re getting a little more inventive with our at-home manicures. Matching your PopSocket with your nail colour and phone cases not only expresses your artistic side, but makes great Instagram content.

The new PopSocket Dash Mount is becoming a favourite of TikTok stars. Just mount your PopMount on the kitchen bench and get the crew set up for a classic Renegade or the latest Dance Challenge. Stay happy at home and stay safe!