Our PopStars are a collective of standouts, eye catchers and innovators who embody the
PopSockets vibe. They just... Pop. As a PopStar you'll be part of a community with access to
exclusive perks and benefits. We can hook you up with the freshest drops, discounts, cash
and heaps more. Apply to join below!


Step 1: Apply

Download the app from our friends at Brandbassador and fill out the PopSockets application .

Step 2: Complete Missions

Pick and choose from our constantly updating list of missions in the Brandbassador app. Don’t be afraid to flex your unique brand of creativity.

Step 3: Get Rewarded

After completing missions, you will receive rewards such as VIP points, gift cards, cash, and early access to new products!


Why sign up?

PopStars get the star treatment. You’ll get early access to new products, cash rewards, gift cards, freebies and more!

What is it?

A community of creators advocating for PopSockets!

Who is it for?

Everyone! Fans, influencers, customers…

What do I do?

Pick and choose your missions and share your love for PopSockets on socials… Simple!



What our creators are saying...

I love this community - it's like a big family"- Roberta Pavone (Italy)

"I love being a PopSockets Ambassador. The community is so positive and supportive!"- Olivia Hucker (UK)

"I am also grateful for the partnership with PopSockets. One of few brands that support me as a new content creator."- Mégane Hajlaoui (France)


Brandbassador offers our PopStars a few different ways of earning cash based on your preferences and reach. The two primary methods of doing this are through Commission and Mission Rewards.

Commission can be earned by driving sales through your personal Tracking Link to! Each sale made through this link will pay you a percentage based on your rank. You can also earn Commission via sales made using Discount Codes you create through Brandbassador. It's always a good idea to share your Discount Codes and tracking links in posts for missions to maximise the benefits of being a PopStar.

Mission Rewards are another way that you can earn money as a PopStar. Some of our missions will reward you with cash for engagement through likes, comments or views. Others will offer a flat rate like $50 for a post or story.

Any cash you earn through Brandbassador is shown in USD and is withdrawable to your bank account immediately. As an added benefit, you can choose to trade your cash in for Gift Cards at a 100% mark-up meaning trading $10 cash will net you a $20 Gift Card. This is a great way to grow out your collection of PopSockets and complete more missions easily.

In short, yes! Our creator program is for anyone who is currently on social and wants to share the PopSockets ❤️

Download the app from our friends at Brandbassador and fill out the PopSockets application.