PopSockets Launches New Australian Collection

PopSockets, the world’s most loved swappable phone grips, has announced its new Australian releases for 2021.

Last year PopSockets took the Australian market by storm with record online sales from customers looking for new ways to make their isolated lives better.

These ingenious small contraptions “pop” onto the back of your device and leave you wondering how you ever managed life without them.

PopSockets let you text with one hand, selfie better and never drop your phone. They're also a great stand for video chats and media viewing. The new swappable PopGrip allows you to switch the top to a different look to match your style.  



The search to find the perfect bike phone mount is over - the PopMount Ride is here. Flexible rubber loops hold your phone securely to the mount and PopMount Ride’s durable construction keeps your phone safe. You can easily swivel and rotate between portrait and landscape to find your optimal angle without having to unstrap your phone. Whether you’re cruising on a bike, motorbike or a scooter, the PopMount Ride has you covered.



For content creators who need the perfect shot, the PopMount Photo attaches directly onto your camera tripod. As phone cameras become more sophisticated, many people are leaving their SLR cameras at home and using their phones instead. So for the ultimate in mobile professionalism - a tripod and the new PopMount photo is the answer.



Clear is the new black and PopSockets introduces a range of translucent PopGrips from neon brights to completely see through. With a sparkling edge that plays with the light, this new range also lets you see the inner mechanics of your PopSocket. There’s also Ripple Opalescent in Pink and Blue which catch and dance with the light as day turns to night.



PopSockets fans love to get touchy feely with their PopGrips and the new Popout range has a tactical 3D feel. Soft to the touch and a little squishy, these PopGrips include sushi inspired Popouts On a Roll, PopOuts Doh’nuts and the Valentine’s favourite - Stitched Love Heart.



Sprinkles are the perfect topping for a striking neon pink base. Each of these PopSockets are one of a kind and feature a domed inlay. They look good enough to eat!



Fan favourite, Tide Pool, is back in new colours including Lavender, Peachy Pink, Ultra Mint and Colour Blocked. This range includes glitter floating in liquid so you can mesmerize yourself watching your PopGrip move and swirl. The new Neon Crystal Burst will make sure you stand out in the crowd with it’s ultra-bright circular swirls of colour.



If you’re a nature lover then you’ll love the new range of wood and resin PopSockets. Each PopSocket is unique so your piece is literally one of a kind. Available in Wood Resign Pearl White and Wood Resin Tropical Blue. The genuine crystal range has also been expanded and now includes Iridescent Quartz and Acetate Pink Rose.



The ever popular Backspin series is taken to a new level with the all-new Roulette PopSocket. Take your chances as you spin the PopGrip and see if your lucky number comes up. Or if you want to know your future - there’s always the new Tidepool Magic 8 Ball. If you’re having difficulty making a decision, or just want to have a laugh with friends - this new Popsocket is for you.



Rick and Morty join the PopSockets family with two new designs to delight fans. Three new Star Wars PopWallet+ have been launched including Star Wars Millenium Falcon, Star Wars Death Star and Star Wars Darth Vadar. There’s also a new groovy Marvel logo PopWallet+ online now.


PopSockets are available from popsockets.com.au, as well as various retailers such as Sportsgirl, Officeworks & JBHiFi, however each stockist carries different products and designs. All are available from the AU website.